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Business Team

Employee Benefits. Simplified.

At Bowser Insurance Services, we are passionate about helping business owners put together a quality benefits plan that will help you attract and retain top talent as your company grows.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the worry and stress that insurance and compliance can cause. Our goal is to alleviate some of those pressures for you by providing valuable information and serving as a resource and strategic partner for you. Not just your benefits broker.

In the past, all things being equal, job seekers would take a lower paying job to gain access to benefits. Now, with the changes in the job market due to the pandemic, employees have the leverage. Similar to a seller's market in real estate, it's an employee's market in the job market.

Benefits are a real difference maker.
In hiring.
In retaining top talent.
In corporate culture.

Let us help your company stand out. 

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Offering benefits should be a part of every company's growth strategy. It’s been proven over time that benefits are a key factor in an employee’s decision-making process when seeking employment. 

Making this investment in your team members gives them peace of mind over their family's finances and potential medical conditions. When an organization offers benefits, employees feel valued and invested in. They are able to better focus and achieve more.

Putting together an employee benefits package can be a challenging and time intensive task. Whether you are creating a benefits plan for your organization for the very first time, looking for ways to enhance an existing plan or want to explore ways to try to save on premium, we are here to help.

Designed for Growth

Our goal is to provide a plan, built just for you, with a few things in mind:


Implementing a benefits package can be a daunting task. Many of our clients who are just starting out with benefits will start with one or two programs, with a strategy to add more benefits in the future.


We strive to educate our clients on everything from carrier requirements and funding models to compliance. We also strive to educate employees on how to make the most of their benefits plan, which also helps save them and the company important benefit dollars.

Cost Containment

We work with best-in-class carriers and explore cost containment strategies ... from various funding models to employee-paid benefits to ensure that our clients have a benefits plan that works for them, their budget and their team members.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and
look forward to welcoming you into our family of clients.

Work With Us

Benefits Advising

Working with small business owners across the nation, Bowser Insurance Services will shop and negotiate on your company's behalf with our best-in-class carriers to bring you the best value for your employee benefits investment.

Support Services

Our support services include access to Mineral HR and compliance resources. Clients enjoy additional services, including benefit administration systems, and personalized employee service.


Understanding insurance is key to maximizing your benefits, while minimizing cost. For both the member and the company. We will educate your team on their benefits, saving you and them money.


Our goal is not to just be your insurance broker, but a strategic partner. Call us on for referrals to those everyday business needs, as well as education on employment law and HR topics through our network and value adds.

Our 4-Step Process: EASE


We need to learn more about your organization, your goals and objectives.



Once we have all your data, we will go to market to research the best plans for your company.


Once we have the research completed, we will present Solutions for your review.



We’ll Engage with the staff and set you up for success!

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

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